10 Best Pokemon Packs To Buy For Rare Cards

Here are our top ten Pokemon packs to buy if you’re seeking a rare card. eBay is the best place to purchase older Pokemon packs; you can find them graded or ungraded.

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If you are looking to open the pack, buy them ungraded. If you’re looking to invest in the pack, buy them graded. For example, a PSA 10-graded 1999 Pokemon Base Set Booster Blastoise Art Unlimited Pack sells for $449 with one day left on the auction.

  1. 2016 XY Generation Booster Packs
  2. First Edition Pokemon CCG Fossil Booster Packs
  3. 2021 Shining Fates Booster Packs
  4. 1999 Pokemon Booster Blastoise German Turtok Base Foil 1st Edition Packs
  5. 1999 Pokemon Fossil 1st Edition Booster Pack Lapras Art
  6. 1999 WOTC Pokemon Jungle Foil Booster Packs
  7. 1997 Pokemon Pocket Monsters Jungle Japanese Booster Packs
  8. 2017 Sun & Moon Burning Shadows Packs
  9. 1999 Topps Pokemon 1 TV Edition Series 1 Packs
  10. 2015 Pokemon XY Ancient Origins Packs

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