Checklist: 2022 Upper Deck The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Trading Cards

1 How Does It Feel
2 No Treaties Violated
3 This Has to be Subtle
4 Switching to Plan B
5 He’s Not Gonna Follow
6 We Gotta Find Another Way
7 I See You’re Gonna Make Me Ask
8 It Feels Like It Belongs to Someone Else
9 Dreams of HYDRA
10 No Longer the Winter Soldier
11 What’s The Worse Thing That Could Happen?
12 I ran the numbers
13 We’re Not Selling Our Family’s Legacy
14 What’s Our Plan?
15 Enjoy Your Ride, Buck
16 There’s Only One Way To Find Out
17 I Got a Vibranium Arm – I Can Take Them
18 That Didn’t Go As Planned
19 Those Were All Super Soldiers, Sam
20 One World. One People
21 We’re Gonna Go See Zemo
22 I’m Gonna Go In Alone
23 Those Days Are Over
24 Someone Recreated the Super Soldier Serum
25 We’ll Have to Scale a Ladder of Low-Lifes
26 All This Time, You’ve Been Rich?
27 We’re Going To Madripoor
28 We Cannot Exactly In As Ourselves
29 There’s No Margin For Error
30 Meet Smiling Tiger
31 We Have Business with Selby
32 Winter Soldier, Attack!
33 The Super Soldier Serum is Here in Madripoor
34 We Have A Real Problem Now
35 This Is Too Perfect
36 You Help Us Out, I Get Your Name Cleared
37 He’s In There
38 A Secret Laboratory
39 You Created The Super Soldier Serum
40 We’re Seriously Out of Time
41 Every Bounty Hunter In Madripoor is Here!
42 Has Anyone Seen Zemo?
43 We’ve Got The Last Of The Serum
44 I’m Here for Zemo
45 I Have the Will to Complete This Mission46 This Serum is How We Make Change
47 No More Keeping Us in the Dark
48 Is This What I Think It Is?
49 They’ve All Been Destroyed
50 I Like You, Sarah
51 Vengeance for Lemar
52 The Whole World is Watching
53 This Suit Comes With Expectations
54 Facing the Truth
55 We Don’t Want Anyone Else to Get Hurt
56 You Gotta Give Me the Shield
57 You Don’t Wanna Do This
58 We Could’ve Been a Team
59 I Am Captain America!
60 Bucky Barnes Holds The Shield
61 It’s Over, John!
62 An International Incident
63 Captain America, No Longer
64 He Was So Proud Of You
65 We’re Gonna Do It Our Own Way
66 Off to The Raft
67 I May Have Another Favor to Ask of You
68 A Favor From The Wakandans
69 Time to Reflect
70 The Most Welcoming People In The World
71 The Closest Thing I Have Left to Family
72 Stand Up and Keep Fighting
73 I Can Give You Double This Time
74 He’s Here
75 The True Captain America
76 I’m Glad You Took My Call
77 Au Revoir
78 A Risky Rescue
79 Give Him Someone to Rescue
80 Bucky Frees Hostages from a Burning Truck
81 Morgenthau! Let’s Finish This
82 Karli Morgenthau, Super Soldier
83 You Of All People?
84 Betrayed by the Power Broker
85 I’m Not Gonna Fight You
86 We Finally Have a Common Struggle Now
87 Nice job, Cap
88 Zemo’s Last Laugh
89 We’re Gonna Need a U.S. Agent
90 Should be Something for Everyone