Curry 10 Review

Stephen Curry, commonly dubbed The Golden Boy, can be regarded as an icon in the history of the basketball game. The American professional basketball player is primarily renowned for his “basketball IQ” based on his shooting and passing abilities. Rather than his playing techniques, Curry has taken the notch higher by dropping his 10th signature shoe with Under Armor, Curry 10.

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Since the launch of Steph Curry’s shoe series, Under Armour Curry basketball shoes have gained remarkable popularity. Curry 8 was the first to present Under Amour’s Flow technology which has been perfected more in the new entry. This has made Curry the 9th player to launch ten signature sneakers in the history of the NBA and the first Under Armour athlete to achieve this milestone. Read on to familiarize yourself with the features, price, and ratings of the shoe.

Release Date

Curry’s tenth signature was unveiled at the Curry Camp in San Francisco on October 21st, 2022. The mesh-like material and fused overlays reinforce the shoe to suit a basketball-ready model. Curry 10 has a slight redesign with tech upgrades from the previous models. You can purchase the shoe from Under Armour and select retailers in brick-and-mortar stores or online.

Curry 10 Features

The Curry 10 was invented to improve the performance featured in the 8 and 9 series. The most notable thing is that the shoe has improved materials and phenomenal traction. Here are other Curry 10 specifications:


Curry 10 has fantastic cushioning that offers adequate impact protection. The manufacturers utilized much improved materials from previous models, making it lightweight, thin, and comfortable. Its cushioning has classified it as one of the best shoes in the current market and a great option to play in. In addition, the Flow outsole feels firmer yet bouncy.


The most notable thing at first glance is the “Iron Sharpens Iron” colorways. It is the first colorway edition, although Under Armor stated that other colorways will be released by the end of 2022 and in 2023. A total of 10 colorways will be released, each reflecting the looks Steph wore during the most important occasions in his career. Some expected colorways include Sour Then Sweet, Curry-Fornia, Northern Lights, More Magic, and Treasure Island. There are notable upgrades from the Curry 9 series, such as a thicker midsole and Under Armor’s Flow technology in both the midsole and outsole. Curry 10 has boosted grip, which ensures no skidding or wasted steps but open looks only. Its supportive plates secure your foot to help you stay a step ahead.


The success of the previous two models has aided in perfecting the Curry 10’s design. Curry 10 is lightweight design (12.5 oz) and has strategically placed tapes across the upper. It has an elongated X underfoot with several easter eggs that complete the design. The shoe is made using a mesh-like material, with the upper section made using prime kit mesh, while the heels and toe box have fused overlays. Its toned black and neon green laces that run up the mesh tongue are another unique features in the shoe’s design. The shoe has a Curry logo near the heel and the branded pull tab.


The advancements from the previous two models have made the shoe feel lighter and more breathable. This is due to the enhancement of the on-foot feel aided by optimizing the UA Flow and UA Warp 2.0 technologies. Curry 10’s half-bootie upper lining makes the shoe a superior fit with unparalleled comfort and lockdown. Its TPE-blend sock liner has low compression that elevates energy return and longevity. Curry 10 has been fitted with an internal midfoot shank that adds support and stability to every move you make. The durable UA Flow outsole also boosts a better court feel that fosters how you cut, start, and stop.


The 10th series is undoubtedly a high-performance shoe in Under Armour’s collections. Despite fans embracing the recent two models, Curry 10 has maximized comfort and features that enhance lightning-speed movement. They also have incredible stability and supportive bounce, which motivates when playing. Other subtle details incorporated in the shoe embrace Curry’s outstanding career, which drives the performance illustrated by The Golden Boy.

Price and Availability

Under Armour have stated that Curry 10’s price will be €140 ($160). From October 21st, 2022, the shoe will be available at Under Armour’s official e-commerce site and select retailers. According to the official Under Armour website, the shoe is limited to 2 units per customer and excluded from promo codes and offers. You can also purchase the shoe via The shoe’s price is in the same price bracket as the 8 and 9 editions but features more enhanced performances and attributes.


More About Curry 10

Despite being a recent entry into the sneaker world, Curry 10 has stormed the market with a bang. It is one of, if not the best, sneakers worldwide that provides immense speed and control. Curry 10 has adopted Under Armour’s latest technologies which provide enhanced comfort and control for dynamic basketball movements, as witnessed in Steph Curry’s career. The launching of Curry 10 celebrates nearly a decade of Stephen and Under Armour’s partnership. Curry is also expected to bring in new models of the FloTro and Retro styles to trademark his career journey and the connection with his fans. Curry 10 and other related models all feature the success of Steph in basketball and how he has the commitment and determination to inspire others in the sport. Since the launch of the Curry Brand, the partnership between Curry and Under Armour has resulted in refurbishing nine courts, helping over 43,000 youths, and renovating 20 safe places to play by 2025.


Curry 10 Ratings

An overview of numerous reviews online reveals that the shoe is a fan favorite. Most sources have provided an average of 9/10, but based on its performance and features, a 10/10 could be a fair rating. In addition, every aspect of this shoe, such as support, cushioning, aesthetics, and design, has an average rating of 8.0. Another thing that makes the Curry 10 quite a lightweight shoe is that there is no rubber. This makes the traction as thin as possible for the utmost comfort. Such attributes make the shoe ideal for both indoor and outdoor purposes. The most notable difference between Curry 10 and the preceding two models is that Curry 10 is more of a firm setup, while the other two have a bouncy ride. This means that Curry 10 focuses more on stability while finetuning the bouncy feel. Stability is integral for people who love shooting, like Stephen Curry.

Final Thoughts

The Curry 10 edition is a continuation of the 8 and 9 editions but features more advanced attributes in every aspect of the shoe. Its performance, aesthetics, and tech features have made the shoe a top choice for most sneaker fanatics. Curry 10 has also been adjusted in favor of Curry’s playstyle, which enhances speed, control, and comfort. You can also use the shoe for other casual purposes, as it has a cool design that aligns with numerous dressing patterns. It has been manufactured using sophisticated technology ideas, which are also undergoing further advancements. These models do not have huge price variations, and such factors prove why Curry 10 is a shoe worth trying.